At Elite Scholars STEAM Academy, we are determined to make our learning academy a safe and loving community for our students. In order to create this environment, we are devoted to fostering good citizenship skills. However, as teachers and administrators, we only contribute so much to a student’s development. The main influence in a child’s life is their parents; therefore, it is up to you to raise a good citizen. Fortunately, children are naturally compassionate, and there are certain steps you can take to foster their natural ability to care for others and teach them skills related to connecting to their community.

Talk about emotions

We live in a culture that does not encourage anyone to discuss their feelings, let alone children. However, more and more psychological research shows just how important it is to teach children emotional literacy, both for their personal well-being and their ability to empathize with others. Teach your child to think and talk about not only their feelings, but the feelings of others. When your child is upset, encourage them to identify their feelings, and talk constructively about what healthy things that can do to cope with those feelings. When you read books, discuss how you think the character may be thinking and feeling based on their behavior.

Be a good role model

It is a cliche to say that actions speak louder than words, but cliches are so enduring for a reason. A child will learn more from the way you behave than what you say. When you act like a good citizen, your child will follow suit, so make a concerted effort to be kind and contribute positively to your communities.

Volunteer with your child

A great way to teach your child to be a good citizen is to volunteer with them. Find an age-appropriate opportunity to contribute to the greater good of your community. Community service is important part of our mission as a learning academy, so feel free to seek out opportunities to volunteer through us.

If you are looking for a learning academy in Fairview Heights, IL that promotes citizenship, read more about Elite Scholars STEAM Academy here.