Welcome! Here is a very brief overview of how the Charitable Giving Program works at Elite Scholars STEAM Academy. Some of our newer families may have had little experience with independent schools, and we want everyone to be comfortable in this awesome community. Parents who volunteer their time and resources are the heart of philanthropy; we can’t do it without you!

Annual Giving: We sincerely hope that every enrolled family will support the school’s Annual Fund, which bridges the gap between tuition and what it actually costs to educate an Elite Scholars STEAM Academy student. That gap represents the difference between a concrete education and a truly commendable one, where operating budget constraints does not hold innovative ideas and state-of-the-art resources for teaching and learning practices back. The amount of each family’s gift can vary widely, from the Donor level (up to $249) to the Leadership Circle ($50,000 and above). Each family is encouraged to participate in a way that is personally charitable, in keeping with the broad socioeconomic range that is reflected in the school’s wonderfully diverse community. Every gift, whether large or small, makes a difference; the school depends on the participation of our entire community, which sends a strong message of unity and belief in the program. Our faculty and staff support the Annual Fund as well!

Donors at the Headmaster’s Circle level and above are invited to the annual Elite Dinner in May.

Events: You are warmly invited to participate in the following gatherings, which benefit specific fundraising campaigns and further community and friendships:

Elite Benefit Ball (All proceeds go to Annual Operations) (date TBD-March or April)
Annual Golf Tournament (Proceeds go to Annual Operations) (date TBD-June)

The Endowment Fund: This program is crucial for the ongoing and future health and wellbeing of the school, ensuring the caliber of program the community expects and enjoys.

We welcome and encourage you to get involved! Please stop by or call the Office (618-726-2022) on for more information.

Educational Yours,
Vicki Khanh Dam