Elite Scholars STEAM Academy Campaign for Endowment

Help Reach Our Goal of $13,000,000

ESSA School’s mission is achievable by its endowment. It is the perfect example of school spirit, the charitable giving that is much needed to support the need to weather all times. A strong endowment gives the school’s mission sustainability as exceptional and worthy of perpetuity.  Elite Scholars’ goal is to be able to support every family who is admitted to the school, regardless of the family’s ability to pay tuition.

Our Endowment is vital to this goal. It helps the school further its mission because it enables us to:

  • nurture a student body reflective of the city and the broader community;
  • support wider diversity in all ways, from socioeconomic to cultural, thus enriching the school experience for every student;
  • attract diverse students in the lower
  • reserve a portion of the financial aid budget for emergencies that may arise during the year within our ongoing families;
  • expand the Jones Fund which helps students meet expenses for non-tuition items (e.g. uniforms, experientially education trips)
  • insure that the quality of the school and its students will not change in time of economic downturns and demographic shifts.

Your support is appreciated at any level of participation. Join us now and help us to make a difference.


Please contact Vicki Khanh Dam for more information at vkhanh@ess.academy or 618-726-2022.