When your child receives a diagnosis of ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, you may feel a shower of emotions: remorse, a feeling of not being in charge, or comfort for now being aware of your child’s problem, or frustration. However, during all this turmoil, do not forget that your child’s situation is not out of control. There are several ways in which you can help your child use his talents, a…Read More

  2. How To Address Your Child’s Sleep Problems

    If your child is having trouble sleeping, it is understandable if you are worried. Sleep is essential to health and well-being, and a lack of sleep can affect their ability to concentrate, which will in turn have an effect on their academic performance. Therefore, it is important that you proactively address any problems your child is having with their sleep patterns. In this blog, we will go over…Read More

  3. Breakfast and Academic Performance

    It’s cliche to say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but there is a reason why this is such a prevalent statement. Studies have shown many health benefits of eating breakfast, such as maintaining a healthy weight and having increased energy throughout the day. Research also shows that eating breakfast can have academic benefits for children as well. To ensure your child’s a…Read More

  4. Helping Your Gifted Child Thrive

    When you have a gifted child, giving them the guidance they need to succeed in school is crucial to their success. Gifted children are prone to becoming bored in traditional classrooms, because they are not challenged by grade-level curriculum, and skipping grades often makes children feel socially isolated from their peers, and is difficult for children who are not emotionally ready to be in a cl…Read More

  5. More Tips For Raising Entrepreneurial Children

    Encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit in your children can benefit them for years to come. In our previous blog, we started to go over some ways you, as a parent, can encourage entrepreneurship. In this blog, we will continue to go over ways you can foster an entrepreneurial mindset in your child. Foster independence In order to have the courage to start your own business, you need to be independe…Read More

  6. Tips For Raising Entrepreneurial Children

    At Elite Scholars STEAM Academy, we aim to empower our students to explore a variety of career options, and utilize their unique vision to become contributors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. If you are a business owner yourself, you may be particularly interested in fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in your child. Even if your child doesn’t end up starting their own business, there are many be…Read More

  7. Why Use Technology in the Classroom

    At Elite Scholars STEAM Academy, we teach our students using a variety of resources from the worlds of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. We are particularly grateful for our ability to integrate technology into our learning academy. Some people do not understand the benefits of using technology in the classroom. After all, we have learned without computers for thousands of years; ho…Read More

  8. The Benefits of Hands-On Learning

    At Elite Scholars STEAM Academy, our learning philosophy is based on this Chinese proverb: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” We are big proponents of the idea of learning by doing, because hands-on learning has many benefits. In this blog, we will go over just a few. Deepens understanding When you learn passively, through reading, for example, there is only so…Read More

  9. The Seven Learning Styles

    At Elite Scholars STEAM Academy, we aim to empower students through education. One way we do this is by providing learning opportunities for all different learning styles. Though learning styles are a relatively recent phenomenon, it is widely recognized that there are different ways in which to learn, and that each individual has a preference for how to learn. You may have a mix of different styl…Read More

  10. 3 Ways To Raise Self-Motivated Children

    Everyone wants their children to be independent and motivated to succeed. However, well-intentioned parents often undermine that goal by fostering dependency in their children by constantly doing everything for them and telling them what to do. Your role for your child is to inspire and influence them, not control them. If you are constantly nagging your child, they will never learn the skills nec…Read More