At Elite Scholars STEAM Academy, our learning philosophy is based on this Chinese proverb: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” We are big proponents of the idea of learning by doing, because hands-on learning has many benefits. In this blog, we will go over just a few.

Deepens understanding

When you learn passively, through reading, for example, there is only so much you will be able to absorb. While reading can be a great way to learn, the material does not truly come to life. A student who learns about butterflies from a textbook just won’t have the same level of understanding as a student who raises a butterfly from a caterpillar and watches it emerge from its cocoon. Hands-on learning deepens your understanding of a topic more than any book could.

Develops critical thinking skills

Critical thinking skills are essential for both education and life in general. When we actively work to develop our students’ critical thinking skills, we help them get curious, and start to pursue learning on their own. By promoting hands-on learning, our students become more engaged. When students are more engaged, it encourages them to think critically because they are more invested and interested in the process. Learning by doing brings topics to life, and stimulates more curiosity in our students.

Facilitates their interest in a career path

Hands-on learning can also be a great way to stimulate an interest in a potential career path. A student who is not as engaged with their science classes initially may find an interest in engineering after building a structure for a lesson. Hands-on learning can open students’ eyes to new possibilities for their future.

At Elite Scholars STEAM Academy, we would like to open your eyes to the benefits of a STEAM education. Learn more about enrollment here.