At Elite Scholars STEAM Academy, we teach our students using a variety of resources from the worlds of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. We are particularly grateful for our ability to integrate technology into our learning academy. Some people do not understand the benefits of using technology in the classroom. After all, we have learned without computers for thousands of years; how much could technology really do to enhance learning? However, technology has many benefits in the classroom. Here are just some of the reasons it is a good idea to incorporate technology into education:

It prepares students for the future

The truth is, technology is increasingly becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives. This is only going to increase over time. As our children get older, it will become more and more essential for them to be fluent with technology. Jobs and careers that may not have required computer knowledge in the past will inevitably incorporate it at some point. Bringing technology into the classroom prepares students for the future.

It helps students retain knowledge

Recent studies indicate that technology can help students retain knowledge better. For example, one study showed that second graders retained more information when they created a PowerPoint presentation than those who did not. Technology can be a good tool to help students study and retain more information.

It engages students more

Technology is so ubiquitous in our society that it is a major part of our students’ lives outside of school. Whether it is video games, social media, or smartphones, our students spend a good amount of their time on technological devices. Bringing it into the classroom engages students because it is such a big part of their lives.

Elite Scholars STEAM Academy is a Fairview Heights elementary school that facilitates a lifelong love of learning in students using a variety of learning tools, including technology. Contact us today for more information.