Encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit in your children can benefit them for years to come. In our previous blog, we started to go over some ways you, as a parent, can encourage entrepreneurship. In this blog, we will continue to go over ways you can foster an entrepreneurial mindset in your child.

Foster independence

In order to have the courage to start your own business, you need to be independent. Raising your children to be independent encourages critical thinking skills, and gives them the confidence to take risks. To foster independence in your child, empower them to make their own decisions from a young age. You can start by giving them two choices and respecting their decisions. For example, you can give them the option between a blue or green cup. As they get older, allow them to make more decisions by themselves, such as what to pack for their lunch and how to dress. Additionally, don’t do everything for them; teach your children how to perform any age-appropriate tasks they can, and have them help you with chores around the house. Even preschoolers can help you with such household tasks as preparing meals, doing laundry, and washing the dishes.

Encourage creativity

Just as entrepreneurs must be independent, they must also be creative to think of good business ideas. Encourage creativity by giving your children many opportunities to express it, whether it is painting, drawing, writing, performing, or another activity. Additionally, give your child plenty of free time. If you overschedule your child with too many different activities, they won’t have the space to get creative. Make sure they have at least one day a week without an after school activity with which they can do whatever they want.

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