When you have a gifted child, giving them the guidance they need to succeed in school is crucial to their success. Gifted children are prone to becoming bored in traditional classrooms, because they are not challenged by grade-level curriculum, and skipping grades often makes children feel socially isolated from their peers, and is difficult for children who are not emotionally ready to be in a classroom with older classmates. Fortunately, at Elite Scholars STEAM Academy, our small class sizes and engaging curriculum are ideal for gifted children, because it enables us to help your child with their individual needs, giving them projects that will genuinely challenge them. However, your gifted child needs your support outside of the classroom.

Listen to them

Gifted children are often very inquisitive and verbal, which can be frustrating to parents. Do not just dismiss these questions, though, as this discourages your child from intellectual curiosity. When your child asks you questions, be sure to answer as completely as you can. If you don’t know the answer, help them find it.

Help them pursue their interests

One important way you can help your gifted child thrive is by helping them pursue their interests outside of the classroom. For example, if your child really loves math, introducing them to information about famous mathematicians will help them make connections between what they are learning in the classroom.

Teach them how to teach themselves

One of the greatest gifts you can give a gifted child is a library card. Take your child to the library, and teach them how to do research, both in books and online. This will open up a world of information, and make them feel empowered to get hands-on with their education.

Don’t overschedule your child

There is a tendency these days to have extracurricular activities scheduled every day after school, but this gives your child no time to relax and let their imagination wander. As tempting as it might be to sign up your gifted child for many extracurriculars to keep from getting bored, they need time in their own headspace to really thrive.

Go to museums

Museums offer hands on educational experiences, and give gifted children another outlet through which they can learn, which is sure to please them. Instead of heading to the movies this Saturday, try heading to your local children’s museum for some fun, educational play.
When you are looking for a challenging learning environment for your gifted child, contact Elite Scholars STEAM Academy. Our unique curriculum and small class sizes may help your child thrive.