STEAM education is a new wave of teaching children that focuses on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art. This means of education gives children the opportunity to use creativity and critical thinking as a normal means to problem solving. The goal of early STEAM education is to give children the educational foundation on which they can build their future schooling. This educational foundation also helps children foster a passion for STEAM related fields later on in their lives. Elite Scholars STEAM Academy in Fairview Heights, IL is committed to helping today’s children become tomorrow’s leaders in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

This new way of teaching children was developed at Rhode Island School of Design, and has become a very popular means of early childhood education. Over the past decade there has been a huge surge in the science and technology fields, but there are not enough innovative professionals to drive the technology and the amount of change that is necessary. Many students that reach post-secondary education are finding that they are unprepared for the challenges that they will face within science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts. The hope and desire of those that developed STEAM education is to improve the innovation of tomorrow’s most influential people.

Elite Scholars STEAM Academy in Fairview Heights offers school-aged children the opportunity to get a jump start on their secondary and post-secondary education. We offer a safe and supportive educational atmosphere that will help drive a child’s passion for STEAM related professions. Call us today to learn more about our innovative teaching techniques.